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Happy Friday! Whoop whoop who else is excited?! I have been a bit absent this last month from the blog (not Instagram, if you want to follow along you can see what we get up to) because I’ve been extra busy and extra tired.

This last month I took on a babysitting job. Since I am a stay at home mom I thought why not? Plus it helps out another momma, and we all know all mommas need all the love and support from other mommas! So needless to say I’ve been a bit behind on my posts.

So for today I thought I’d share a bit of this past month with you all.

    To start the month I joined a fitness challenge with a bunch of girls from the Tone It Up community (I am a proud TIU girl!). It’s called the burpee challenge.

•The first week we did 30 burpees a day. The second week we did 30 vinyasa burpees a day (death to the arms!). The third week we did 50 burpees a day. The fourth and last week we are doing 50 vinyasa burpees a day. Oh my goodness I’m dying but obsessed with this challenge. My arms have never been so sore but my core is finally getting stronger and I’m loving it! I might keep going after the challenge!

2. My daughter started her second year of preschool! How did she get so big? She is absolutely loving school and it’s so amazing watching her learn. She also began her second year of dance and second season of soccer! She has always loved to dance and she has learned so much. She is always dancing around the house with her new dance moves she learns. She isn’t a huge fan of soccer but she still does it and that’s what counts.

3. My son has randomly decided he wants to use the big boy potty so he can go to school and wear undies (his exact words every time he sits on the toilet). It’s definitely a work in progress but I’m hoping he gets the hang of it soon so we can be done with diapers (fingers and toes crossed!).

4. I have been a Pura Vida rep for awhile now and I just truly love this brand. They do so much good for so many people. I love the products they create and everything they stand for. I am also one sale away from moving up to the next level! I’m hoping it happens soon so others can enjoy the beautiful jewelry! If anyone is interested my code is ANGELAMASSMANN20 and you get 20% off!

5. I have been trying to read more. I don’t have too much time to read these days so any chance I get I grab a book and get lost for a bit. A few of the books I’ve been switching between are The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, Breathe Mama Breathe by Shonda Moralis, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Harry Potter. What books have you been loving?

6. This last month I have made it a mission, still a work in progress, to be a very early riser. I set my alarm for 5:29 am every day. I do this so I can get my day started as soon as possible to fit all the things in. I begin my day by working out and I try and squeeze in some mediation. My kids are also early risers so this doesn’t always happen. If you’re an early bird what’s your best tips to getting up early?

7. I’ve been trying to be more grateful and not so stressed out. It’s been a very big struggle because lately everything seems to stress me out. I purchased a gratitude journal off of Amazon which I’ve been really liking.

8. We are now proud owners of a pop-up camper! We have gone camping every weekend since we got it! It’s been so amazing. The kids have such a blast! I love that it gets us all out of the house and gives us new adventures and experiences!

That’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed reading about my month. I’d love to hear some of the things you’ve been up to during the month of September! Leave a comment and we can chat!

Thank you all so much for stopping by and supporting me!


4 thoughts on “September

  1. It has been a busy month for you. We had a pop up camper when I was growing up. I always liked camping in it. I’d noticed you’d been absent from your blog. It’s always busy when school starts, I think.


  2. It really has been! Camping has been such a great experience. School has definitely kept us busy and extracurriculars. I’m definitely going to try and post a couple times a week. Thanks so much for commenting and reading!


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