Sea Level and Haul

Happy… Thursday, I’m pretty sure it’s Thursday. I really just don’t know. Any other moms have days like that?

Anyways, I am so fricken excited this last month I hit Sea Level from Pura Vida! I also decided to order a couple of beauties because, well, I’m obsessed with them!

Let’s get started with this lil haul!

First off I ordered a bracelet. It’s so simple and delicate and I love it. It’s called the Seed Bead Id Bracelet. It’s originally $20 but currently on sale

Next up I ordered a beautiful Sunset ring. I am obsessed with staring at the sun, it makes my heart happy. So I had to buy a ring with a sun on it! This piece costs $14.

The next couple items I bought were ankle bracelets. I have always been an ankle bracelet junkie. I found 2 very beautiful anklets and I’m ready to buy more! The first anklet is called Silver Stitch Beaded Anklet. This costs $12 and is currently on sale. I love it!

The second anklet is called Beach Life Anklet and costs $7. It’s amazing!

These amazing pieces I wear every single day. The quality of these beauties are out of this world!

With moving up a level the amazing company sent me a Pura Vida tee and I am obsessed with it! Again, this company helps support artisans work so they can support their families. They also contribute to many charities.

I do have a discount code that gives you 20% your entire order! Your order helps many people and is greatly appreciated!

At checkout use code ANGELAMASSMANN20 and you’ll save money and have amazing jewelry to rock!

Thank you all so much for stopping by!

Disclaimer: this post does contain affiliate links, all thoughts and opinions are my own!


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