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Pela Cases with a discount!

Happy Tuesday friends! Wow has it been a long weekend. My poor hubby and daughter got the flu and they are still battling it. This flu has been brutal and I’m hoping that my son and I don’t end up with it too. Needing all the good vibes over here. On a positive note, it’s starting to warm up here in Minnesota and the sun has been shining! Nothing better than being in the sun!

So I recently heard about a brand called Pela Case and I instantly loved everything about it. This brand is working on helping save our planet. They believe in zero waste. The products they sell are biodegradable phone cases, Apple AirPods, screen protectors and sunglasses. Their aim and mission is to become plastic free, and they contribute to other charities. If you want to read more about their mission click here.

I love everything that this company is about. We can all do our part a little at a time, and they sell amazing products that are helping the planet, they are durable and cute.

If you want to order some amazing phone cases, AirPods or sunglasses head to their site and use code WM1234 and receive 15% off!

I hope you are all having a great week!

Thanks for stopping by!


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