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Happy Saturday friends!

I’m so happy for so many reasons right now! First off, I’ve had about 2 pots of coffee (ooops lol), my kids have been crafting and almost listening well, I got some amazing packages in the mail, and the best part, my hubby brought our camper home! I know it’s not quite camping season but a girl can dream right?

Ok, let’s get into the reason for this post. It’s about one of the things that came in the mail! I recently became a Pela Case Ambassador and I couldn’t be more thrilled! They are working hard towards making this world a better place and it’s such a beautiful thing.

I got my ambassador pack in the mail and it doesn’t disappoint!

It came with a biodegradable toothbrush, a notebook and a tote bag. I am so excited to use all of these and continue to help spread the word!

I have an invite for you and I sure hope you join!

Join Pela Case help reduce waste by becoming an ambassador!

If that’s not for you but you’d still love to purchase some incredible products use code: WM202020

That’s all for today, I hope you join Pela Case Ambassadors!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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