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Tropical state of mind

Happy Friday friends!! It’s here we finally got to the weekend! I am so grateful to be done with distance learning for the week. Wow has it been an adventure trying to figure it all out.

I live in the cold state of Minnesota, and I have to say I hate being cold and dream of living some place where it’s always warm. It’s currently 41 degrees out which happens to be “warm” for December.

Normally it is much colder and there’s usually snow. So I am grateful that we can be outside and the kids can run around and be the wild monkeys that they are.

After distance learning I found time to get a workout in, and it felt really great to get moving. With COVID so crazy right now here they have shut down gyms and schools so finding time to workout has been a challenge.

Today I decided I needed a tropical style smoothie. Anything to make feel like I’m in warmer tropical happy weather.

So here’s what I made:

Here’s what’s in it:

•frozen cauliflower

•half frozen banana

• 2 cutie oranges

• Orgain vanilla protein (my absolute favorite)


Topped with:

•shredded unsweetened coconut

This was absolutely to die for. It was creamy, delicious, packed with tons of nutrients. I am so pleased with how it tasted. It took me away from the cold temps for just a second.

If you’d love to try the amazing Orgain Protein Powder head over to their site and use code ANG30 for 30% off your first purchase.

They have tons of different proteins for all types of goals. They also have amazing products for kids which my kids highly recommend!

If you try this let me know your!

As always, thank you for following along! Have a great weekend!


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