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Pura Vida~ Spring

Pura Vida; meaning “pure life” or “simple life”

Happy Monday friends! How are all of you? Are you doing good? I know right now times are still crazy and we are all hoping for normalcy.

So far we have been doing distance learning and it is not easy. I have a kindergarten and a preschooler and it’s been an interesting adventure. My oldest does pretty well with it all, she has gotten really good at navigating the chrome book and figuring out her lessons. Listening to her learn to read has been absolutely amazing. How’s the schools doing where you live? Are you in person, hybrid or distant learning?

Today I come to chat about my favorite company, you all guessed it, I’m talking about the one and only Pura Vida. They have come out with their spring collection and to say I’m wanting to throw all my money at them is an understatement. Alright let’s get into some of their new beauties!

First up is the masks. We all have to wear them and these ones are incredible. I ordered the tie dye mask. There are a few other color and design options to choose from on their site.

I just ordered this and I am pumped!
Dreaming Outloud’s beautiful mask set!

Now on to the jewelry and accessories!

This ring is stunning
I need this necklace. It’s so beautiful and I love palm trees!
I love anything ocean and wave related. It makes me wish I was laying on a beach.
I wear about 5 ankle bracelets and I can’t help but think I need this one too!
Scrunches are back my friends and so I tie dye! I am all for it and these look amazing.

These are just a few of the new items added to Pura Vida, there are tons more on their website. I definitely recommend checking them out! I love that this company donates to a ton of charities and helps artisans by providing them jobs. This company gives back and has incredible products!

Let me know what’s your new favorite piece!

You can get 20% off by using code ANGELAMASSMANN20. As always thank you so much for supporting me and my journey.

Disclaimer: all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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