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Yes Please!

Happy Monday friends! Last night I was in the mood to read so that's what I did. Awhile ago I was at Goodwill, which is not unusual cause I'm always there. I always always always look at the books since they are super cheap! I found the book Yes Please by Amy Poehler and immediately… Continue reading Yes Please!

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Happy Friday! Whoop whoop who else is excited?! I have been a bit absent this last month from the blog (not Instagram, if you want to follow along you can see what we get up to) because I've been extra busy and extra tired. This last month I took on a babysitting job. Since I… Continue reading September



It took one night to change everything. The Holocaust was a very dark, and terrible time. People who had power used it to hurt, torture, and murder millions of innocent people. Night written by Elie Wiesel, had gone through the concentration camps and made it out alive to tell his story. After his family was… Continue reading Night