20 Weeks!

Hello all! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted this week, I’ve been a little distracted. We had a few nice days where we got to be outside. Unfortunately it is cold here again. Is it Spring time yet?? 

I am now 20 weeks pregnant! I’m so excited I’m half way done, this little bundle will be here before we know it. On Monday we get to find out the gender of the baby. I can’t wait! 

I figured I’d give you an update on my pregnancy. During the first 14-15 weeks we didn’t know how far I was. I was extremely nauseous and had headaches every day. My headaches finally went away around 17 or 18 weeks. I have always been one to try and eat as healthy as I can. With this pregnancy all I crave is deep fried food. It’s terrible, but certain food makes me feel sick. Anyone else have issues with healthier food while pregnant? 

One of my biggest food aversions is grilled or baked chicken. I also struggle eating protein. If you have any suggestions on how to get more protein in my diet, I am all ears (or eyes since I can’t hear you 😉 ). 

I have been focusing on drinking as much water as possible. Staying hydrated is very important whether pregnant or not. I use my favorite water bottle which holds 2.2 liters. I fill it up 2-3 times a day! If you want one similar, I purchased mine on Amazon. They have a few different colors. 

Since we had warm weather for about a week I also have been trying to get in as many walks as I can. It feels great to get out in the fresh air and move my body. 

My daughter is very excited about having a baby around. She tells baby good morning everyday and loves giving my belly kisses. It is so sweet seeing how excited she is! 

Well that is all I have for now, if you like this type of post let me know! 

As always, thank you so much for reading!! 


10 thoughts on “20 Weeks!

  1. Haha I just had my first baby and throughout my pregnancy I did not eat healthy! I tried in the beginning but it was hard! Vegetables just were not helping and made me feel sick! I just made sure I ate within moderation, so I ate my fries and cookies, just not a ton. Also, before I was pregnant I rarely drank soda but I craved it soooo much during the pregnancy ! I also couldn’t eat chicken unless it was fried. It really grossed me out lol You’re not alone!

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  2. Chicken was by far my biggest aversion during pregnancy! I also craved coke all day every day and developed a sweet tooth. Thankfully all of that went away after but I’m still struggling to lose the last few pounds a year later 🙄.

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    1. I also crave coke but my hubby won’t let me have any! After I had my first baby I started walking lots to lose the baby weight and I looked up YouTube videos. My favorite ones are Tone It Up and Ashy Bines. I can’t wait to do those workouts again lol


  3. Hi, loved the honest post! The one thing that I craved in the last trimester was vanilla yoghurt. No other yoghurt, nothing else vanilla. I must have had it in litres, Does that sound good to you?

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