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Ivory Ella

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was amazing, and to all the mommas I hope you had the most magical Mother’s Day! I got to spend the day with my two little ones! It was wonderful!

I was so excited to receive my first order from Ivory Ella, it was perfect timing with it being Mother’s Day weekend, a perfect gift for myself.

I ordered an emerald green tank top and a full zip sweatshirt. I am so happy with them! They are extremely soft and just so beautifully made. I love the detail around the elephant on the tank top. The zip sweatshirt is so freaking soft! I wore it yesterday and I’m obsessed. Both items are on sale too!!

If you’ve never heard of Ivory Ella let me tell you about them. They are a company that is trying to help save the elephant conservations. They donate at least 10% profit and have donated over 1.7 million dollars since starting the brand.

What they do is truly amazing. Elephants are absolutely incredible animals.

I have a discount code to get you 15% off your order! Use the code: IVECMQW50 at the checkout.

Let me know what you’re loving from their site! What’d you decide to order?

Thanks for stopping by!


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