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Back to School

Happy Monday!

Wow how is it already the first day of school? Time has definitely flown by. As of right now our schools are in hybrid learning. They will be in school some days and at home others. There will be lots of challenges to overcome and lots of hoping this year goes smooth. With my daughter starting kindergarten I am so excited to see how she grows and learns, but it’s bittersweet. She’s going to be gone for 7 hours and that’s a long time! There’s also the challenge of learning from home a few days a week.

What are you excited about for this year? Are you in school, hybrid or distance learning?

As we are all prepping and getting ready for back to school one of my favorite products to stock up on is Orgain protein shakes for me and my kids. We love the chocolate flavor, it keeps us full and focused for the day. My kids think it tastes like chocolate milk and it’s a huge hit!

If you haven’t checked out their site, I highly recommend taking a look! They have protein powders, premade shakes, bars, kids shakes, kids bars and more!

You can use the code ANG30 for 30% off your first purchase!

Let me know your favorite Orgain product! What are you excited for with this new school year starting? What are you most nervous about? Let’s chat!

Thank you all for stopping by!


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