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Hello! How’s your week going? For some odd reason I keep thinking it is Thursday. I just can’t get it straight. Oh well I suppose haha. Yesterday I had a terrible migraine that seems to have returned today. The worst part is I can’t actually take anything since I’m pregnant. If you have any tips to get rid of them let me know!

So today I was thinking I’d tell you about my 3 favorite eyeshadow palettes. Of course these are the only high end palettes I have at the moment. I don’t always wear makeup these days because I stay home al the time. However if I do I always reach for these shadows. I’m trying to save up for some new ones! 

I am definitely a more neutral kind of eye shadow girl. I have very fair skin and I like how brown shadows make my eyes look. 

I have been such a fan of the Naked Basics 2 palette since I bought it about a year ago. It’s only $29 from Sephora and it barely looks like I’ve used it. These shadows are so easy to apply and they blend beautifully. The pigmentation is great. I don’t really use the darkest shade, but if I do I use it as an eyeliner. 

I had to take this picture from my Instagram, so sorry it looks a little odd. I have had this palette for a couple of years and it still feels brand new. I love the colors, these also blend well. I have a thing for beautiful packaging as well. I can never seem to get rid of the boxes. Anyone else like this?

I found this Stila palette at Sephora a couple years ago on clearance. I was so excited to buy this because it was my first ever eye shadow palette. These shadows are the perfect shade for me. The shadows are extremely soft and buttery. These all have really good pigmentation. Who else has this palette! I don’t think they sell it anymore which is sad. 

Well these are my 3 palettes that I use all the time. What are your favorite eyeshadow palettes? I’m always up for trying new products!

Thank you all for reading!


8 thoughts on “Palettes 

  1. Hi there! I had terrible migraines with both my pregnancies and my midwife actually “prescribed” drinking one 12 Oz Coke when I would get then. The caffeine rush would take a lot of the edge off. I know staying away from caffeine is important for many people during pregnancy as well, but getting rid of the migraines was worth it-and it was only a small amount every few weeks. I still use this trick for my migraines!

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    1. I’ve heard that doctors prescribe coke to help get rid of them, unfortunately I stay away from caffeine during pregnancy. Of course every so often I sneak a few sips of my hubbys or friends 🙂

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  2. I LOVE Urban decay shadows. I have all 3 regular naked pallets and a few other pallets from them. However, tarte and Too Faced have both been killing it lately and I’m dying to try some of their new ones!

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  3. I’ve heard great things about the Naked pallets! My eyes are really (really, ugh) sensitive and I’m still trying to find a shadow that doesn’t irritate them, will probably need a cream one. But these look nice!
    I’m sorry about the headaches. I had pregnancy-induced headaches with my third and a few with my fourth….no fun at all! Mine were linked to the weather so they were worst during late winter/early spring. 😦 (((hugs))) When are you due?

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