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Gotta get the greens in

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going good! I just finished up an amazing prenatal yoga routine. I feel so good, very calm and relaxed. Let’s be real the feeling won’t last so I’m going to enjoy it while I can. 

Today I wanted to discuss one of the samples I got with my Sephora order. I chose to get the Hum Raw Beauty Greens Superfood powder. I believe that we should all consume greens powders. They help get extra greens into your system especially if you struggle with eating green veggies. There are so many different brands out there and I am on the hunt for the best tasting one. So when I saw that Sephora was giving samples away of course I had to try it. 

So it’s in a little packet and it says to mix with 8oz of water or milk, could be almond milk, Soy milk, coconut milk or whatever kind you like. You can also throw it in a smoothie. Normally that’s what I’d do, but with this pregnancy I struggle with drinking them right now. So I mixed mine with water. I wanted to know the true taste of it. 

I know it looks like poop water, I swear it’s not

So this flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip Fusion. I am not the biggest fan of mint, but I like it sometimes. So I took a sip and oh boy, I thought it was very chalky. I know most greens powders will have a chalky taste but I just wasn’t having it. I also didn’t notice too much of a chocolate taste. There was a bit of mint flavor but it just didn’t taste good to me. I also found it left a terrible after taste and I couldn’t finish it. I gave it my best shot. 

I heard a lot from people who have tried it, and they said it tastes really good in almond milk or in a smoothie. I am definitely willing to try it again with almond milk or in a smoothie. 

If you have tried this let me know your thoughts! Also if you have a favorite greens powder please leave me a comment! I’m still searching for a great one!

Thank you all so much for reading!!


4 thoughts on “Gotta get the greens in

  1. I had no idea this type of product even existed. It sounds like a great way to get your greens! Just finding one that tastes good sounds like the challenge lol but I bet people are right that it tastes better in almond milk or smoothies!

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  2. Usually these are really bitter and devoid of flavor of any sort, but they certainly do make you feel a million bucks after words. I prefer to make my own, which you can do with a dehydrator and a blender.

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