And so it begins

Hey guys Happy Friday! Can you believe today is September 1st? Seriously where did summer go? It went way too fast! In Minnesota it wasn’t overly warm so I am bummed that it’s going to continue to get cold. If you don’t know, I despise being cold. It’s miserable and I just am not down for it. 

Since it’s starting to get cold here I have been wearing sweaters and leggings basically every day. Who am I kidding, I did that when it was warm outside (I’m always cold, it’s not cool). My favorite Capri leggings are from Victoria’s Secret from the PINK collection. I need to buy a few more pairs as I’ve finally threw away 2 pairs with holes in them. I had them for about 5 or 6 years and have worn them religiously. I also have been wearing my favorite sweater from Forever 21. They have such great deals and the cutest clothes. I do love getting to wear cozy sweaters and cute scarfs. Where are your favorite places to shop for Fall clothes?

You guys, I’m so bummed that I can’t drink coffee right now. I am nursing my little dude and caffeine makes me nervous. What if he decides he likes it and then never wants to sleep? I can’t have two little ones who think it’s cool to not sleep so I’m waiting til I’m done nursing to drink any caffeine. Pumpkin spice lattes are one of my favorite fall beverages, so I will be latte-less until next fall. One of the best feelings during Autumn is waking up to a delicious cup of hot coffee. It warms you up and wakes you up, which I need over in this house!

One thing that my daughter and I are excited about is she is starting gymnastics in a couple weeks. She has not done any type of activity and she can’t wait to get started. It’s a mommy and me class so I get to hold her hand through it all. I can’t wait to watch her learn and meet new people! 

The thing I’m most looking forward to is happening in the beginning of October. We are moving to a small ( very small!) house. Some people think we are crazy for moving our family of 4 into a house that is less than 700 square feet. I am personally so excited! There is less to clean(🙌 I hate cleaning), no more stairs and we will actually have a huge yard! It’s going to be amazing. Is it October yet so I can just move in? Also we recently got the worst neighbors so I am looking forward to being far away from them. Once we move into our new place I’ll do a post on how living in a small house is going. 

What are you most excited about for Fall?
Thank you all so much for stopping by!


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