What’s going on

Happy Saturday! How was your week? I can’t believe it’s going to be October 1st tomorrow! I am so excited because Monday is moving day for us! Today my hubby came home from being in Sweden for the last 3 weeks so we have been busy packing and getting everything ready for Monday. 

My hubby was so sweet and brought Riley a build your own bear kit from Sweden, which of course we did right away. He also knows the way to my heart, chocolate. I took one bite and let’s just say it’s the best damn chocolate I’ve ever had. Now to find someone to send me all the chocolate all the time. 

Look how cute this little bear is! Riley is obsessed and takes it everywhere with her. 

Best chocolate ever. Reminds me of Toblerone

The next two days if you need me I’ll be packing (aka supervising) my house. I get very distracted so I’m not the best at sticking to this specific task (my poor hubby). If anyone lives in a small house with kids let me know how you like it! This will definitely be an interesting experience for us. Neither my hubby or I have lived in this small of a space plus adding little ones. 

Alright that is all for my little update, back to packing this ole house ( aka eating more chocolate). 
Thanks for stopping by!


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