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That Hoodie is On Fleek

Happy Monday.. night! Who else is excited that it’s pretty much time to sleep? One of my favorite things to do is sleep and I find it very rare, plus once my kids go to sleep I get to watch at least one sometimes two episodes of Blue Bloods ( I know such party animals in this house ). If you’ve seen it, do you love it? We just finished up season 1 and I am really getting into it.

Anyways I thought I’d share a little review. I haven’t done one in awhile and I’ve been dying to share my thoughts about this brand that I found.

When I was pregnant with my son Mico, Ashy Bines came out with her own athletic wear. I truly find this woman to be inspiring. She has amazing work ethic and her booty program is insanely hard but so worth it. The name of this brand is called Toned. She has designed such beautiful pieces. I currently own 4 items and I’m obsessed with all of them.

I am here to talk to you about one item. It’s called the Hoodie On Fleek. I am all about finding the perfect full zip jacket that won’t break the bank. I am dying to own the Lululemon Define jacket someday.

Anyways, this jacket comes in a bunch of different colors. I have it in 2 colors and unfortunately they are discontinued. A new line comes out every couple of months or so.

This jacket is in the color peach and let me tell you, this picture doesn’t do it justice. I am obsessed with this color and fit. I bought the size medium and it is form fitting and so flattering.

I ordered another Hoodie On Fleek in size Large in the color Apricot. I love the color, however the large doesn’t fit me as nicely as the medium. It is a bit loose in the sleeves and just isn’t as comfortable. It still is absolutely stunning!

Again this picture doesn’t do the color justice!

This jacket has a roomy hood, thumbholes and a cute little heart design with Ashys initials. Nothing beats this material, it’s incredibly soft. It does run for about $65 in U.S. dollars. When going on the site it is in Australian or Sweden currency but tells you how much it costs in U.S.

This jacket is perfect for going on walks, wearing casually or even working out in if you like.

This brand did originate in Australia and is made in Sweden. They do have free shipping once you hit a certain amount. They also have amazing sales most of the time before they come out with their next line.

I love the items I’ve purchased from this brand and will continue to buy from them! If you haven’t heard of them go check them out online and Instagram.

If you have tried Toned By Ashy Bines, what’s your favorite piece?

Thank you so much for stopping by and if you read all the way through you deserve a high five and quite possibly a drink (only if you are old enough).

Disclaimer: this is in no way sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own and these products/items were purchased with my own money. I only promote products I truly love!


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