I have an obsession

There are many beverage choices to choose from. There is coffee (one of my favorites), tea (also a favorite), juice, soda, milk, and more. The one beverage that has been overlooked and not consumed much is water. A lot of times people will grab a soda or juice, or even add the little juice packets to mix in.

One day I noticed I wasn’t consuming enough water and started feeling sluggish and dehydrated. I decided that I was going to try and drink as much water as possible to make sure I stay healthy. I was searching online for a large water bottle so I knew how much water I was consuming and found an amazing bottle. It is 2.2 liters and has a cute little handle to make things easier for me. I found this bottle on Amazon for around $10 and at the time they only had one color. I really want the yellow and pink one (I’m a little obsessed).

water I get made fun of on occasion for carrying around this bottle. I love it because it helps keep me accountable. I try to fill this up 2 times throughout the day.

If you struggle to drink water throughout the day I definitely recommend looking for a large bottle of water you only have to fill up once or twice. Its been a gamechanger for me 🙂

Also, you can try adding lemons, limes, oranges, or mint leaves to add a little flavor to your water.


4 thoughts on “I have an obsession

  1. This is awesome! Such a cute bottle! Haha, drinking water is super important and I am glad you’ve chosen to switch over and consume water instead of sugar juices or sodas. I always carry around my 32oz hydro flask (covered in some of my favourite stickers) and constantly refill it throughout the day. It feels so much better when you stay hydrated! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Kristy ww

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