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Treat yo self 

Hey guys happy Thursday? Yes I believe it’s Thursday. My days kind of mesh together so I tend to just take guesses and hope I’m right. Last night we had gymnastics and we were told that we can sign Riley up for the next level! She’s so excited to try gymnastics without mommy and daddy ( she’s a little on the clumsy side so I might be a littler nervous 😬… also she gets her clumsiness from me 😂).  We are just so proud of how well she is doing! 

Today I have been busy cleaning my little house. For some reason it’s really messy and we just moved in last week. My two littles are actually napping at the same time, can I get a hell yes?!  This is extremely rare but I get excited when it happens. So I cleaned a little and decided to make myself a little snack. Now I have shared this recipe before but I added something new and figured I should just re-share this tasty treat!

If you remember a long time ago I posted my yogurt treat that I like to eat almost daily, sometimes twice a day (oops it’s just too good not too). So here we go;


  • Vanilla Greek yogurt ( any brand you like. You may also do plain yogurt just add vanilla to it)
  • Peanut butter ( I have an addiction, but it’s fine)
  • Honey
  • Dark chocolate chips 

This is such a simple and easy treat to make and helps curve the sweet cravings. If you are like me I have such a sweet tooth and zero will power and just binge eat whatever I see ( I see you Oreos sitting in my cupboard… yes they are my daughters.. shh don’t tell her).  

So take a little bowl or big bowl I don’t judge and scoop some delicious yogurt. Then grab a spoon (or spatula… jk don’t do that) and scoop a little peanut butter and add it to your yogurt. Mix in some honey ( however much you’d like) and stir it all together until it’s creamy. Top it off with your dark chocolate chips and the newest thing I’ve done is sticking it in the freezer for just a little bit. It kind of makes it like a frozen yogurt but I don’t leave it in there longer than 5 minutes.

 It’s a healthier option and so delicious. All that’s left is sitting back with your feet up and enjoying your treat; you deserve it! 

One of my favorite things is trying different recipes out, and I love to try and make them healthier. As a mom I want my kids to grow up and enjoy the taste of healthy foods. It’s fun to make unhealthy treats a little bit better for you. So If you have a favorite recipe that you’d like me to try and make healthier id love to give it a go! 

If you try this out let me know what you think of it. 
Thank you all so much for stopping by!


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